Let’s Not Forget the Mason Jars!

Lady Ashburnham pickles are delicious!  There’s no denying that. But one of the key factors in making these yummy treats is often overlooked.  Yes, I’m talking about the jars we store them in… more specifically the Mason jars!

Have you ever stopped to think about why we call these Mason jars?  Probably not, but I did!  Here’s a little of what I learned about these essential containers:

  • They were invented in 1858 by John Landis Mason.
  • Prior to the Mason jar, people used to seal their preserves in jars with wax-covered lids.
  • Mason sold his patent before the jars became popular and died a poor man.
  • Whether the jar says Ball, Bernardin, Kerr, or Golden Harvest… they’re all made by Jarden Co.

It’s a pretty simple idea – a two-piece lid that screws into place and then seals shut, keeping whatever is in it fresh until ready to be consumed.  Although he never got to benefit from his creation, John Mason changed the way the world preserves food.  Thanks John!