How Do YOU Pronounce These Pickles?

Lady Ashburnham Pickles

I have a confession to make. It wasn’t until I created this site that I realized that the proper spelling of these beloved mustard pickles was actually Lady Ashburnham and not Lady Ashburn. It was always pronounced “Ashburn” in my house, so naturally that’s how I thought it was spelled. I’m not alone. When I look at the search terms that lead people here, “Lady Ashburn Pickles” is always in the Top 10.

So if the proper spelling is “Ashburnham” then have I been pronouncing it wrong all these years too? I don’t know anyone with that last name. If I did, it would make things much easier. I’d ask them, and problem solved!

But now I’m curious… Should I pronounce it Lady AshburnHAM… or simply Lady Ashburn? Maybe this is why Mum also calls them Lady As 🙂