Happy Thanksgiving!

We celebrated Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend.  It was a beautiful fall weekend to gather family and friends for a feast.  I decided to cook a small turkey and invite my parents over.  Somehow that grew from the three of us into my children, my sister, her boyfriend, and her children.  That poor 10 pound turkey just wasn’t going to cut it!  Thankfully Mum had a turkey breast that she offered to cook and bring over as well as the dressing and desserts.  It was a true family effort!

While it was certainly nice to have my family together, we were missing a significant group.  Jessica and her children had traveled to meet their gathering clan in Grand Falls.  I know that they had a great time there, but we sure missed them.  And I’m sure that both our respective dinners were extremely satisfying, but only my table was graced with Lady Ashhurnham Pickles.  🙂

I’ll have to watch next year and make sure they don’t grab a bottle on their way!